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Vintage Chart for Alsace

2018 ** All the rain came early, with a year's worth in the first seven months, then a hot growing season, as all over France, gave round wines with lower acidity than usual, tending towards opulence. Hot and mostly dry summer, with hottest July since 1947, led to early harvest, with top results for Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. There was good production of sweet wines following Indian summer.
2017 ** Spring frosts reduced yields about 20%, but mostly damaged vineyards on the flat: vineyards on grand crus and other hillsides were much less affected. Growing season was fifth hottest on record, with occasional rainfall, and both dry and sweet wines are very good.
2016 ** After three years of small yields, a normal vintage, with a late harvest. Regarded as classical for dry wines, and better than 2014 for dry and off-dry styles from the late-ripening varieties of Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewürztraminer, but few botrytized wines.
2015 *** Warm, dry season gave rich wines. Dry styles are often atypically rich. Delicious now at the price of some blurring of the usual crisp focus. There are late harvest wines, and good Pinot Noirs.
2014 * Cool August produced restrained dry whites with high acidity that may need time to calm down. Dry wines may be worth aging. There are few late harvest wines.
2013   Growing season was dry but not very sunny, then rain at harvest meant that early pickers did best. Wines tend to be light and acidity can be high. Few show much generosity. This is a vintage for early drinking.
2012 ** Warm August and cool September gave good results, with a classic balance of fruit to acidity. It was especially successful for Pinot Noir.
2011 * Decent but not great vintage, generally giving a fresh, fruity style; not much in the way of late harvest wines. Dry wines should be drunk early.
2010 ** Very high acidity caused many wines to take time to come around. Riesling can still be piercing, but the best wines are fresh and pure with classic minerality, and should have longevity. There are few late harvest wines.
2009 *** Precocious vintage in rich style, with powerful Rieslings and opulent Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer. Alcohol is high for dry wines, which are developing relatively fast.
2008 ** Generally cool season saved by Indian summer; the style is often restrained, and some wines were slow to open. Not as good as 2007 or 2009.


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