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Vintage Chart for Beaujolais

2018***The year did not start so well but changed at the end of June, after which there was continuously dry hot weather, with no rain before harvest, which was mostly in the first week of September. Because of the good water supply early in the season, although the wines are powerful, they have kept freshness and have lower alcohol than 2015. It's already regarded as potentially a legendary vintage.
2017*Hail storms and other climatic problems greatly reduced yields, but quality is very good. The top crus shows a mineral character and should age well.
2016 *A restrained vintage, fresh from the Villages, tight from the Crus, but yields reduced by hail.
2015***A generous vintage, the richest and best rounded since 2009. Wines are ripe, round, and attractive. Some producers compare it to the legendary 1947.
2014A cool August created problems but was followed by an Indian summer. However, many wines have rather high levels of acidity and appear a little tight rather than generous.
2013 A difficult vintage, with a cold wet start to the season, but good September. Fruits are light and pleasant, but the danger is that they may not have enough fruit to stand up to the structure, and may be overtaken by the acidity.
2012 **"2012 is the smallest vintage I have experienced, with hail and rain early, but the weather became sunny from mid August. Harvest started from September 12; the quantity was not there but the quality was definitely there," says Georges Duboeuf.
2011 **This is often considered to be as good as 2009, although it hasn't attracted the same attention; but the best wines will age well, as they have good concentration and structure.
2010 **Another very good year, which would have been classic if not following 2009. There's a lot of fruit here, although not as opulent as 2009.
2009 ***"2009 is the best vintage I have known in my life. We had (all the) berries in perfect condition which I have never seen before," says Georges Duboeuf. The top crus will last for several years yet.
2008 A slow, late vintage that called for a lot of selection; wines were relatively short lived.

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