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Vintage Chart for Bolgheri

2018Rain in July, cool in July, heat didn't start until second week August, so harvest was late, giving lighter wines.
2017Drought and heat spikes stressed the vines, leading to early harvest of concentrated fruit, with risk of high alcohol.
2016 ** Hot, dry summer until mid-August, then cooler, leading to comparisons with the well-structured 2008 and 2006 vintages.
2015 *** A very good vintage, as everywhere in Tuscany, with wines tending to exuberance.
2014   Wet conditions gave lighter wines.
2013   Cool rainy start followed by hot dry summer, but good September brought late harvest. Average overall.
2012 * Hot and dry conditions gave early harvest with intense wines, but not as well balanced as 2011.
2011 ** Dry but not especially hot, very fine wines. A good start to the decade.
2010 * Inconsistent year due to weather variations in September, but elegant at its best.
2009 * One of the extremes, hot and dry in July and August, but rain in September; more forceful in style.
2008   Very wet at start, followed by hot, dry conditions; wines are concentrated with higher acidity than usual.


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