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Vintage Chart for Brunello Di Montalcino

2018Difficult year because of rain in June and again in August, but sunny from mid September, with ripe grapes from late harvest. May be like 2013.
2017   Hot, early vintage, with much reduced yields may give concentrated wines.
2016 *** Promises to be an excellent vintage with concentrated wines.
2015 *** Sunny, hot vintage caused producers to draw parallels with the highly structured 2010 vintage, but 2015 will be ready (relatively) earlier.
2014   A poor vintage to point at which a large proportion of Brunello was declassified to Rosso.
2013 * Tricky summer with wet start and uneven temperatures followed by Indian summer gave well-structured wines on lighter side, tending to elegance, for drinking 5-10 years after vintage.
2012 ** Good vintage but unusually small, with wines that are ready to drink. Very attractive now.
2011 ** Warm year, wines evolving rapidly and good for drinking in short to mid term.
2010 *** This is a great year, with intense, structured wines, but they will not be ready for a few years.
2009 * Warm summer gave an early drinking vintage.
2008   Cool, wet conditions, but some elegant wines.


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