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Vintage Chart for Centre Loire

2018***Ideal warm dry conditions gave great ripeness. Yields are high; the only note of caution is that alcohol might be high and acidity sometimes low.
2017*Frost reduced yields about 30%, but grapes reached good ripeness at harvest.
2016 Sancerre is the best of the Centre appellations.
2015 *** Early vintage gave ripe concentrated wines.
2014 *** Very good vintage here as elsewhere in Loire.
2013 * Wines tend towards high acidity, but better than elsewhere in Loire..
2012 ** Ripe rounded whites and elegant reds. Better than elsewhere in Loire.
2011 * Attractive wines in their time, but getting too old now.
2010 ** Lovely ripe wines, elegant with classic freshness.
2009 ** A rich vintage as true all over northern France.
2008 Cool vintage, wines had high acidity, needed to be drink relatively soon as they developed quickly.

For older vintages see The Loire or Vintages


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