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Vintage Chart for Chablis

2018 **Warm dry summer weather as in the rest of Burgundy made for wines that are richer than usual, partly compensated by high yields, similar to 2015 but with higher dry extract. Wines are attractive when young but won't have the longevity of a truly great year.
2017**Freezing weather in second half of April greatly reduced yields for second year in a row. The Right Bank was badly affected, reducing production of Grand Crus and the best Premier Crus. The rest of the season was good and harvest was early, at start of September. Quality should be good.
2016 *Difficult year in which frost, followed by mildew, and some hail, reduced crop size to around half of normal. The wines have that classic freshness, and the best show distinct minerality. They should age well, although they are not so immediately attractive as 2015.
2015 ***A very good, full flavored vintage. Warm year gave wines that are softer and rounder than usual, already very attractive, but perhaps not quite typical. The best will be long lived.
2014 *Storms with hail during growing season reduced crop greatly in many communes, but weather improved after very difficult August. Wines tend to be fruity and easy, but there is good acidity. They do not have the immediate appeal of 2015.
2013 Cold growing season was difficult, but some improvement in September allowed decent harvest for wines that will be good rather than great.
2012 *Erratic conditions led to low yields, but quality is surprisingly good, with a nice balance between fruits and acidity, and wines a little softer than usual.
2011 Difficulties in getting to ripeness make this the least successful vintage of the decade to date.
2010 ***Tighter than the opulent 2009s, with an elegant balance, good acidity and minerality, and good potential for longevity. The depth of the fruits is now emerging, and the linearity is classic.
2009 ***On the rich side, sometimes over-rich, opulent at first, but unlikely to age long as richness is well ahead of acidity. Most premier and grand crus have reached their peak.
2008 Difficult vintage with problems of rain and humidity, wines on the fresh side. Acidity may be too evident for them to come around.

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