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Vintage Chart for Languedoc

2018*Year started with record rainfall, then unusual frost reduced yields, hail in spring and summer created havoc, there was pressure from mildew in June, but harvest rescued by In-dian summer, until severe floods stopped play in October.
2017*Unusual problems with frost at start of season reduced yields. After that, good conditions led to early harvest, but quantities are low although quality is good.
2016**Varying conditions across Languedoc, with August hail in Pic St. Loup reducing yields, but dry conditions elsewhere (driest season since 1944) gave very good results.
2015***Very good year with warm, dry conditions except for some rain in August, and Indian summer giving a high quality vintage with well balanced wines.
2014*Hailstorms reduced yields in Languedoc, and rain in September created problems for harvesting Grenache and Mourvèdre, but the vintage was very good in Roussillon.
2013*Producers feel the vintage was better than elsewhere in France. After a wet Spring and late start to summer, poor flowering reduced yields (especially for Grenache); but summer continued into September, and a late harvest gave quality grapes, although with some difficulties for ripening Grenache and Mourvèdre.
2012The vintage can best be described as problematic, with difficulties ranging from drought to mildew during the season, followed by uneven ripening at the end. Wines are less concentrated than usual.
2011*Rain restored quantities to normal after three drier years. Large harvest has decent quality.
2010***This was a standard year: dry conditions. Quality is high, but quantities are low.
2009***The vintage was as good here as virtually everywhere else in France, with wines achieving high concentration.
2008*A cooler vintage. Drought created problems in the summer, especially difficult for whites, but reds have good concentration.

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