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Vintage Chart for Oregon

2018 * Very hot, dry summer with record sunshine. There were wildfires in Willamette Valley, but apparently no problems with smoke taint. Cool end to season in September saved the vintage by allowing harvest in good conditions. Wines may tend towards powerful.
2017 ** After several dry winters, 2016/2017 provided water, season started with record heat, slowed down in June, followed by record heat spikes in July and August. Smoke from wildfires reduced temperatures but apparently did not create smoke taint. Moderating conditions allowed time for harvest. Quality is good.
2016 * Warm winter led to early start to season, and this followed all the way through to record breaking early vintage in August.
2015 ** Another hot vintage, acidity relatively low, alcohol just a touch higher than 2014.
2014 ** A very hot vintage with a month's worth of days reaching temperatures over 90°F (32°C)
2013 The warmest season to date started a run of three hot vintages. Very good season until huge rain storm at end of September, making a great difference between grapes picked early from those picked late.
2012 *** Cool spring, wet June, delayed season with reduced yields. Very long Indian summer led to late harvest in mid-October, ending up with well balanced wines.
2011 Very cold Spring led to record late start to season, veraison did not occur until September, harvest lasted into November to try to get to ripeness.
2010 Coolest growing season in the modern era. Wines have high acidity.
2009 * A good season with a north-south divide at McMinnville: grapes overheated to the north, losing acidity, but conditions were normal to the south.
2008 *** Late start to season, light rain in September was helpful, then long dry October led to easy harvest. Considered best vintage of last two decades by many producers.

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