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Vintage Chart for Porto e Douro

2017*** A very hot, dry vintage with the entire growing season running early. Wines are rich, ripe, and concentrated, in an oxidative, opulent style. There have been some comparisons with 1945.
2016*** The entire season ran early, and some much-needed rain in early September was followed by a month of perfect ripening conditions. A small vintage gave concentrated, ripe wines.
2015 ** Hot dry season with much less rain than usual. Some vintage declarations, but most shippers went for single quintas. Very good conditions for Touriga Franc.
2014 Very difficult year due to rain throughout season.
2013 Dry summer and wet September, with few declarations
2012 * Overshadowed by 2011, so few declarations.
2011 *** A successful year with high quality Vintage and LBV, opulent in style, the best of the trio from 2011 to 2013
2010 * A rainy year caused problems with ripening and lack of concentration.
2009 ** Very mixed, with opulent wines from houses but not declarations from others.
2008 * A second level year with some very good single quinta wines.

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