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Vintage Chart for Provence

2018** Heavy rains in Spring created problems with mildew, especially for Grenache. Very hot summer led to early harvest, giving fruity wines with lower acidity and alcohol than 2017.
2017** Early harvest with low yields resulting from dry conditions gave concentrated wines.
2016** Rather dry conditions (very little rain in Bandol, none in Bellet) reduced crop size. Quality is good, with reds generally coming off better than whites.
2015** Bandol is excellent and Patrimonio is very good, whites from Bellet and Palette are good, but other whites are less successful.
2014* Bandol well balanced for growers who picked before the storm of September 19. Patrimonio reds are successful. Whites were generally less successful.
2013Delayed growing season gave reduced crop with whites in Provence coming off best, but reds are lightweight.
2012* Reds from Provence tend to elegance, but there's an overall tendency towards dilution. Whites tend to higher acidity than usual.
2011* Very good in Bandol, good in the west of Provence (Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence and Palette). Very good Muscat from Corsica. Acidity can be on high side and other reds lack body.
2010* Delayed ripening led to late harvest. Reds show freshness but sometimes slip into green tannins. Corsica was successful for reds. Not a great year for whites.

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