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Vintage Chart for Sonoma County

201789Difficult season with rainy periods and alternating temperatures. Wildfires in first week of October were a problem for grapes that had not been harvested. Yields were low.
201694Regarded as a perfect growing season giving elegant wines; not as powerful as 2013 or overtly fruity as 2015, but perfectly balanced. Cool end to the season gave good conditions for harvest of all varieties.
2015 92 Very small vintage but rich: flavor is at the forefront here, whereas tannins were at the forefront in 2013. Especially successful for reds in Russian River and Alexander Valley.
2014 93 Precocious Spring, dry summer created hydric stress. Early harvest gave strong Cabernets, but not as tannic as 2013. Especially successful for Pinot Noir. Often the most aromatic character of 2012-2014.
2013 92 Dry, sunny conditions made this successful across the board, although alcohol levels can be high. Reds are intense, rich, and muscular: many will require some years to come around. For Pinot Noir, not as good as 2012 or 2014, which are the best years for a very long time.
2012 94 Return to classic conditions with good growing season leading to large crop. Very well received with relief after several difficult vintages. Wines can be elegant, and Pinot Noir was the most successful variety.
2011 87 A problem vintage because of cool weather and rain, giving lower alcohol levels and lighter wines; difficult to get the right balance with ripeness, especially difficult for reds.
2010 89 Cool conditions at start of season followed by a heat wave made this a difficult year, with reduced yields. More restrained in style, but can lack character.
2009 89 Mild growing season augured well until there was rain at harvest, but most producers picked early, so Chardonnay and Pinot Noir were successful.

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