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Vintage Chart for SouthWest France

Dry Wines
2018 *Some problems from cool wet Spring, followed by heat reducing acidity in Bergerac, but good conditions in Madiran. More variable in Southwest than rest of France.
2017 *Frost reduced yields to record lows, but dry wines are good.
2016 * Best results for reds in Cahors and dry whites in Jurançon.
2015 ** An attractive vintage for reds from Cahors to Gaillac to Madiran. Dry whites are more variable.
2014 * Difficult conditions all over France, you might even call this the year of the rain. Dry wines variable, sometimes with difficulties reaching maturity.
2013 * A decent year with a cool start and warm end. Better in the Pyrenees than the Dordogne, where some wines are a bit green.
2012 An average year, with best reds in Gaillac and best dry and whites in Jurançon.
2011 An average vintage, with reds better than dry whites, which suffered from loss of acidity.
2010 ** Best reds in Bergerac, best dry whites in Jurançon, wines can be austere.
2009 *** A very good year here as elsewhere in France, with solid reds from Cahors to Gaillac to Madiran. Dry whites less aromatic than usual.
2008 * Best reds in Cahors and Madiran, best whites in Jurançon. Acidity can be strong.


Sweet Wines
2016 ** Best sweet wines are supple, but overall results are variable.
2015 * Sweet wines best in Monbazillac, Bergerac, and Saussignac, elsewhere more heterogeneous.
2014 * Sweet wines more successful than dry, but on the lighter side.
2013 * Good results in Monbazillac, more variable in Jurançon, wines can be a little austere.
2012 Best results in Jurançon, but few late harvest wines.
2011 ** A rich vintage from Bergerac to Jurançon, but wines can be a little heavy.
2010 *** A great success everywhere.
2009 *** A very good year here as elsewhere in France.
2008 Decent semi-sweet wines, but few great dessert wines.

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