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Vintage Chart for Southern Rhône

2018**Warm, very sunny July and August following through Sep-tember. Whites and rosés are aromatic, albeit with lower acidity. All black varieties did well. A very consistent vintage.
2017**Yields reduced by frost and low temperatures early in season. Good weather at end of season led to early harvest. Quality is good.
2016***Producers consider this is a special year, with a good start to season with just enough rain, then dry conditions until mid September. Reds are intense and whites are elegant. Conventional wisdom is that wine getter better going south, which places Châteauneuf-du-Pape at the top rating.
2015***A very ripe, large, vintage, making alcohol levels in the south even higher than usual.
2014Difficulties in reaching ripeness for black grapes make this a year to approach cautiously in both north and south.
2013 The south was hit by a problem with flowering of Grenache, so reduced quantities mean wines are lighter in style (but more refreshing) than usual.
2012 **Aside from intermittent rain, conditions were good in the south, much better than 2011, ripe but not over-ripe.
2011 *A large vintage, more straightforward, emphasizing a fruity quality. Good but not comparable with 2010 or 2009
2010 ***This is seen as the best vintage since 2005 because of its balance, ripeness and freshness. Aging potential is greater than usual.
2009 **Vintage was a little too warm in some parts of the south and gave big wines with more tannins, classic in the sense of being robust and solid.
2008 Vintage was spoiled in both north and south by high rainfall in the summer. Some top cuvées were not produced.

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