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Vintage Chart for Touraine

Dry white
2018 *** Relatively cool start to year followed by hottest summer since 2003, then sunny and dry from August through October. Equally good for reds and whites.
2017 * Frost reduced yields, more in Savennières than in Vouvray, and quality is good although production is only slightly greater than 2016.
2016 Freeze much reduced yields, but good wines resulted from fine September weather, fresher style than 2015.
2015 *** Yields low but quality high, style tends to richness.
2014 *** Good year here as everywhere in Loire. Wines may age longer than 2015.
2013 Crop almost wiped out by hail in June.
2012 Rain was the problem: dry wines tend to be a bit acid.
2011 * Whites are good, better in Anjou than Touraine.
2010 *** Classic year with the best wines showing elegance in mineral style.
2009 ** Richer and rounder than 2010.
2008 Humid season caused problems with mildew, partially rescued by dry September. Many wines have vegetal notes.


2018 *** Extended hot dry spell from August through October created good harvest conditions for Cabernet, giving round, ripe wines.
2017 Frost reduced yields in Chinon and Saumur-Champigny; wines tend to be light and elegant.
2016 ** Forward wines in fruity style.
2015 *** Great vintage for reds as generally, richer than 2014.
2014 *** Especially good vintage for reds in ripe style.
2013 Difficult for reds to reach full ripeness.
2012 Cooler season was difficult for reds.
2011 Difficult for reds to reach full ripeness.
2010 ** Growers who waited past the rains got really ripe wines, in classic style.
2009 *** Late harvest allowed wines to show full ripeness.
2008 Problems getting to ripeness more evident for reds than whites.


Sweet white
2018***Continued good weather through October gave good conditions for sweet wines.
2017* Some very good sweet wines.
2016 * Some very good sweet wines.
2015 *** Low yields gave top quality.
2014 ** Very lively sweet wines, vibrant style.
2013 Very little production of sweet wines.
2012 Very little sweet wine.
2011 * Some good sweet wines from Anjou.
2010 *** Full range of sweet wines, better in Anjou than Vouvray.
2009 *** Not much botrytis but sweet wines that were made are very good.
2008 Botrytis at end of season gave some good sweet wines+, but the risk is that they show the same vegetal impressions as the whites.

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