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Vintage Chart for Washington

2018 ** Hot growing season, very hot in July in August, but then cooler weather with some rain in September slowed ripening. Large crop with high quality.
2017 * Cool start to year pushed the season back 10-14 days, but after Spring conditions turned warm. Problems with mildew reduced yields. Acidity was high, alcohol levels lower than usual.
2016 ** Early start to season forecast another warm year, but then cooler temperatures persisted for rest of summer. Crop was a record size. Quality is good.
2015 ** Hot dry season, in fact the warmest on record, leading to very early harvest, but good balance achieved overall. Cabernet Sauvignon is the star.
2014 ** Even warmer than 2013, harvest two weeks earlier than usual, but could be difficult to maintain acidity. Best for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
2013 ** Warmest season on record, but cool end to season
2012 *** Considered a textbook vintage all round sandwiched between preceding cooler years and succeeding warmer years. Warm, sunny days, but cool nights, gave good balance.
2011 * Second cool year in a row, latest harvest on record as producers waited for grapes to ripen, alcohol lower than average
2010 * Coolest year since 1999, ripeness delayed by cool, wet Spring, average size crop and lower alcohol but high acidity. Merlot came off best.
2009 ** Early frost reduced yield but hot dry summer led to early harvest for wines with higher alcohol and lower acidity.
2008 ** Cool Spring and summer but Indian summer at end of season. Better for whites than reds. Wines are lighter, whites came off better than reds.

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